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Our heart is your heart

You’re a romantic. You’ve never met anyone like this before. Life is beautiful. The two of you have successfully spent an entire afternoon together at IKEA without tearing each other apart. You’re getting a dog—and a cat—together. Some crushes last forever.

Our heart is your heart

You’re a realist. Eros is bittersweet. Love—authentic love—takes work. But, as David Remnick once said, “it’s when you don’t go away that the stuff starts to get better and deeper and truer.” So stick with it. And above all: be real.

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Broadcast your feelings! Create a candy heart using the tools above. Select a heart. Choose a typeface. Compose a message. Size and position your text. Pick a color palette. Play to your heart’s content. When you’ve finished customizing your heart, download and share it. Tag us @typenetwork on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram so we can see your delicious creations.

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